ROLES: strategy, social media and communications

PERIOD: October  - December 2016

Highlight: getting picked-up by every media outlet when we were still nothing more than a glorified Twitter-hashtag




Just like my Pokémon Go adventure, OPHEF started as a joke.

This time the idea came from my good friend Kenny Vermeulen, one of the six members of our secret Telegram cabal which was also behind the infamous Pokémon Go België Facebookpage.

He started this whole thing by simply asking on Twitter: "How difficult is it to create your own political party? #OPHEF" 

This question prompted a response from, a then to us, unknown guy called Hans Laverge who had some experience in creating non-profit organizations. 

He gave us some tips about the practicalities and few a replies and some retweets later OPHEF was born.

We chose the name OPHEF as a hommage to the absolutely hilarious Dutch YouTube-show #BOOS, but also because ophef maken means to create fuss in Dutch. A fitting name.