How I Spent Months Looking For The Garment Of My Dreams

Some might think I'm crazy, but when it comes to things I really want there is nothing on this Earth that can stop me.

So a few months ago I stumbled upon this pic of the absolutely dashing looking Martell Cambell on Instagram.

Martel Campbell rocking the Y-3 Spacer Tunic

Martel Campbell rocking the Y-3 Spacer Tunic

While his fits are always on point, the one outfit that really enthralled me was the Y-3 Spacer Nylon Tunic

I'm still not sure what exactly made me fall in love with it, but I think the main reason is that for me it was the ultimate fusion of futurism, high-fashion, sport chic and genderless fashion.

In any case, I was so love-struck by it that I immediately fired up Google to find the nearest shop that had it in stock.

While I had a feeling that this item would be pretty hard to find, I hadn't seen it in on the official Y-3 store and knew that high-fashion and exclusivity go hand in hand , I didn't think this item would be one of them. And even it it was difficult to find it; it surely wasn't impossible to find. Especially with the right kind of money...

Oh boy was I wrong. I couldn't believe it at first, but it quickly turned out that this item was out of stock on every high fashion website on the planet. Farfetch, Ssense, Yoox,, these site were either out of stock or never had in the first place.

The only website that still had it in stock was Luisaviaroma but they only had a small size and since I hadn't worn a small since I was six years old I simply ignored it and continued my search.

When I realized the aforementioned websites were a dead end, I decided to try my luck on Grailed, eBay and Amazon. To no avail: where websites like Farfetch and Luisiaviaroma at least had some trace of the Y-3 Spacer Nylon Tunic; the item was nowhere to be found on any these second-hand websites.

A normal person would probably have quit here; but I simply refused to accept that this item had disappeared from the face of the Earth. I had seen pictures of people wearing it and I knew that Luisaviaroma had it in stock so that item in my size had to be out there somewhere!

It was at this point that I said fuck it and decided to mail every Y-3 reseller in the world. An impossible task if it wasn't for the official Y-3 website which had a nice overview of all official Y-3 resellers worldwide.

After I had gathered all email addresses from all Y-3 resellers in the USA, Canada, The UK, New Zealand, Australia, Germany and Israel I opened up my Inbox to sent out this email:


Only a handful of websites I contacted replied. And, to no surprise, it turned out none of them had ever had this item in stock either. Bloody hell!

There was only place left on the planet that I could turn to: Japan. Not only a fashion walhalla, but also the birthplace of Yohji Yamamoto, the man behind the Adidas Y-3 brand.

After some arduous searching I managed to gather the email addresses of the majority of Y-3 stores in Japan listed on the Y-3 Store and prayed that my plea to these people would not go unanswered. To improve my chances of getting a reply I translated the original email to Japanese because I had been told that not many Japanese speak English fluently. 


One day later. No reply. Two days later. No reply. Three days later. ONE REPLY: so sorry, but unfortunately we don't have it in stock. In fact, we never had it in stock in the first place. OH COME ON!!!!!!

How in the Seven Hells was it possible that this item was nowhere to be found? Was it heirloom from the Gods or simply the most elusive piece of fashion on the plneT?

I was just about to give up on my quest when I suddenly received this email from Luke Crowther from The Edit Store in New-Zealand:


He told me that Y-3 piece generally fit a size larger and that I should basically give the small size a shot.

Which I immediately did, but not without the proper fear and anxiety. If the item turned out to be too small I would basically have to give up my quest and take peace with the fact that I would never ever ever wear this item in my life.

Luckily, the gods apparently reward persistence. Because my most coveted item arrived a few days ago and fitted like a glove:


I know it's just a piece of clothing and that most of you would never wear it, but I can't express how happy I am. For the first time in a long time I finally felt complete!!!

And you wanna know the funny side? If I had just ordered the small size all the way in the beginning, I would never had to through this!

BTW, if any of you can help me get my hands on another one this item please hit me up!

Vincent Buyssens

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