The Digital Strategist They Told You Not To Worry About

Belgian Digital Strategist  (2019, decolorized)

Belgian Digital Strategist (2019, decolorized)


I’m a digital strategist with over 5 years experience in community management and digital marketing ready to make the jump abroad. I’m in Toronto from the 2nd til the 7th of February and would love to meet with like-minded creatives and agencies during my stay. Interested or wanna hook me up? Drop a line below!

Hi there

My name is Vincent and thanks for clicking on my ad. I made this ad because I’ll be visiting Toronto from the 2nd until the 7th of February and I want to get the most out of this trip as possible. This obviously includes exploring your beautiful city, but also meeting up with other digital creatives who want to inspire and be inspired over a cup of coffee or a glass of beer.

I’ve been working as a community manager/digital strategist for over 5 years now and I feel like it’s time for me to take my career to the next level. Toronto is one of the coolest and most creative cities in the world so meeting with creatives Torontonians during my stay feels like a no-brainer.

To help you get to know me better I wrote a small Q&A which should answer most of your burning questions. If you have any other questions drop a line below or slide into my DM’s on Instagram.

Tell me a bit more about yourself.

Q: Where you from again?

A: Belgium, but Antwerp to be more specific. Rather small in comparison with Toronto, but quite the creative powerhouse when it comes to advertising, design and fashion.

Q: Cool, cool. So you work in the creative industry as wel?

A: Yup. I’ve worked two years as a community at ANTWERP. POWERED BY CREATIVES., a platform for the creative industry I helped found and currently work at an advertising firm where I do digital strategy, community and campaign management & content creation.

Logo of ANTWERP. POWERED BY CREATIVES. I had tattooed because I really liked the logo and the mission of our organization.

Logo of ANTWERP. POWERED BY CREATIVES. I had tattooed because I really liked the logo and the mission of our organization.

Q: Noice!! What do you like doing most or what do you want specialize in?

A: Strategy, definitely. Doing or at least knowing how to do content creation and campaign management is essential for any strategist because it allows you to brief your team(s) better and subsequently create better campaigns. But I get most of my energy out of creating and presenting strategies to my colleagues and (potential) clients.

I’ll probably never want to stop learning about After Effects or funnels, but I’d rather support my colleagues who are much better at these disciplines than I am than trying to become a jack-of-all-trades (which usually is just a master of none)

Whim it!

Q: Interesting. What project are you most proud of?

A: Work-related definitely the launch campaign for Whim, a Finnish mobility-as-a-service app that wants combines different transportation modes into one service.

Also my biggest project because for the launch of their service in my hometown Antwerp I did user-testing workshops, digital strategy, media planning, creation, most content creation and campaign management.

Hell, I even acted in the campaign video:

Working so closely together with the Whim-team gave me a taste of what coordinating a bigger team feels like and it made realize that I like doing this most hence my decision to bring my career to the next level.

How the power of fans saved The Expanse

Another project I’m really fucking proud of is #SaveTheExpanse which was a campaign that me and some other fans started last year after we heard The Expanse, one of the best sci-fi shows ever made, was going to get cancelled.

Me and two other fans flew to LA to convince Jeff Bezos personally to save our show and even met some of the cast and crew.

Me and two other fans flew to LA to convince Jeff Bezos personally to save our show and even met some of the cast and crew.

For this campaign I was responsible for the petition, the digital strategy and campaign management which included setting up the socials, running ads and coordinating with our team how we could channel the power of the fandom most effectively.

Since the campaign had so many epic moments that simply don’t translate well to text I made this video showcasing all the things we did to Save The Expanse. I’m so incredibly proud of how it turned out and I can’t wait to share it with the world!

While this campaign wasn’t an official project for a client, it undeniably included many elements of a ‘real’ (digital) campaign and was ultimately successful due to the professionalism of everyone involved.

I will say this: the #SaveTheExpanse team is by far the most professional and creative team I have ever worked with and this project really showed us what we were capable of.


Q: Hot damn, son. That’s some pretty cool shit. Do you hobbies as well or is it work all day erry day?

A: I love working hard and especially on stuff I’m passionate about, but I’ve seen too many people crash and burn because they didn’t know when to stop. I do so I really take my time to unwind.

One of the coolest video clips ever made. Don’t @ me!

One artist who always manages to soothe and inspire me is The Weeknd. The combination of his voice, lyrics, themes and visuals makes him one of the most interesting artists of this generation and listening to him always bring me to my happy place.

I’m also a big movie fan and love being enthralled by good sci-fi. (Watching this scene from Interstellar in the theaters was an existential experience.)

Sci-fi not only gives me creative inspiration, it also serves as a solid source of inspiration for my wardrobe. I wouldn’t call myself a fashion expert (and I’d rather die than to use the word influencer), but I love putting together outfits and subvert certain expectations about mens fashion.

More text would really make this look like an application letter which it isn’t…technically so I’m gonna finish off here.

Bu if you genuinely want to know more, hang out or show me around in your beautiful city, reach out through the form below and let’s meet up.

I call myself ‘a digital nomad connecting the tribes of men’ is because I love meeting new people and making some new friends in Toronto would be the best souvenir ever.

See you on the other side!

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Vincent Buyssens

Digital nomad connecting the tribes of men