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Hi! I'm Vincent


I’m an Antwerp-based digital consultant with a strong focus on social media strategy and online community building.

I have 5+ year experience working for start-ups, FMCG’s, smb’s and government organisations and love creating meaningful stuff that is at the intersection of internet culture, fashion, lifestyle and tech.

As a born community builder who just loves to inspire and mobilise people, I’m the perfect person to lead your digital team or help your company make a successful digital transformation.

I combine my consulting projects with teaching at Thomas More University College where I give classes on digital marketing, community management and internet culture.

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Having worked for start-ups, brands and government agencies, I know how to distill a working digital strategy from a briefing or problem.

This strategy can be a digital roadmap, but also a full-fledged content calendar, a social advertising proposal or a community management guideline.



I can both run and brief teams to run advertising campaigns with objectives ranging from brand awareness to conversion across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google.

I also know how to interpret campaign results and present them to you & your clients in an accessible and actionable fashion.


Community Management

With more than 5 years experience managing and leading local and global communities, I can tell you precisely how to manage, leverage and unite different types of communities.

Community management isn’t rocket science, but it’s nevertheless a delicate balancing act where the right nuance and approach is instrumental.



Using Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and After Effects I can create effective and visually-pleasing social first content that converts.

My experience as digital content creator also allows me to efficiently brief creative teams or production studios to create content for social media and other digital platforms.

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I’m not a blogger, but I like to write my thoughts down from time to time. So be sure to check this page occasionally for my latest writings.