D I G I T A L   N O M A D  
C O N N E C T I N G  T H E   T R I B E S   O F  M E N





Hi! I'm Vincent

I’m an Antwerp-based guy named Vincent Buyssens, but here on the world wide web I go by the alter ego Fadawah. In Arabic Fadawah translates as 'being free', but for me it also means ‘a digital nomad connecting the tribes of men’.

Digital because everything in my life is touched & enhanced by digital communication, nomad because I love wandering between places and platforms and connecting the tribes of men because nothing makes me happier than bringing folks from all kinds of different places, origins & fields together.

My main focuses are digital strategy and community management, but I also know my way around web development, Premiere Pro/After Effects and Photoshop/Illustrator.

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I’m the guy who transforms campaigns or creative ideas into a tangible digital strategy. Just give me room to experiment & a team to execute the idea with.


Content Creation


Community Management

The role of a community manager is not to create communities, but to empower them. I do this through offering a listening ear, relaying questions to the proper people & facilitating initiatives born from these communities. Authenticity, transparency & a good strategy is key here.


Digital Marketing

My journalistic drive and innate scepticism toward misleading & boring content has made me a better writer & content creator. So no dreadful newsletters or awkward tweets from my hand! I’m good at writing clear, persuasive copy, but I am just as skilled in making a fluid visual content fit for social media.


Just like the Dark Side of the Force cannot exist without the Light Side, strategy in digital marketing cannot exist without authenticity. You need to be prepared, but you should never lose sight of what your audience wants. So everything I do is well-organized & thought-through, but with enough room for improvisation and fast pivoting.

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I’m not a blogger, but I like to write my thoughts down from time to time. So be sure to check this page occasionally for my latest writings.